Most popular songs from Denny Caknan, Los Dol to Sugeng Dalu

Ngawi – Denny Caknan has recently become a topic of conversation after revealing Bella Bonita as his girlfriend. This made his name trend and was discussed by his fans. Even many who are heartbroken to know the news.

Denny’s career has skyrocketed in the world of Indonesian music with the hits he has released. In recent years, this singer from Ngawi, East Java has made achievements with songs that have managed to steal listeners’ attention.

The following are Denny Caknan’s 5 most popular songs to date.

Los Dol’s song became a big breakthrough for Denny Caknan. Released in 2020, this song immediately went viral on social media and was very well received by listeners. Through this song, Denny Caknan managed to steal attention with his unique musical style and memorable lyrics. The Los Dol music video on YouTube has been watched millions of times, making it one of Denny Caknan’s most popular songs.

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