More noisy with Antonio Dedola, now Nikita Mirzani alludes to friends as ‘enemies in blankets’


Jakarta – Homeland artist Nikita Mirzani is known to be in conflict with her ex-husband, Antonio Dedola. Both satirized each other and gave evidence and disgrace.

However, suddenly, Loly’s mother even referred to her friend as an enemy in blankets. Who? Scroll through the article below.

Touch the Enemy in the Blanket

Nikita Mirzani

In the middle of clashing with Antonio Dedola and Loly, Nikita Mirzani instead uploaded a story and alluded to the enemy in blankets. Nyai, Nick’s greeting, invites his followers to suggest a response to the enemy in the blanket.

Not only asking for responses, Nikita Mirzani also showed off her elegant portrait wearing a blazer and white trousers with stripes.

“Gimansi beb your response is that friends used to be very close but now they are enemies in the sea?“asked Nikita Mirzani, quoted from her Instagram, Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

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