Message Bobon Santoso After Wearing BNN Prisoner Clothes, Isn’t It A Prank?

Bali – Bobon Santoso caused a stir by wearing prison clothes from the Bali Province National Narcotics Agency (BNN). He looked downcast with his hands in handcuffs.

Not long after, Bobon seemed to convey a message via his Instagram post. Let’s take a peek at the YouTuber’s message right away.

Order Bobon Santoso

Through Instagram posts, it is known that currently all of Bobon Santoso’s social media are handled by the admin. This is because the YouTuber has not been able to provide clarification regarding posts using prison clothes.

Hi everybody! For the time being, Bobon Santoso’s social media account is being handled by the admin,” wrote a message on Bobon Santoso’s Instagram.

There has been no official statement/clarification from Kak Bobon. Kak Bobon would like to convey that REHABILITATION at BNN is free!! There are no fees at all while using the BNN facility. If you have sons and daughters who are addicted to narcotics, parents can report to be assisted and “saved” for the future of the nation’s generation by BNN RI,” he continued.

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