Mayang was fed by Caesa Icha, Doddy Sudrajat Ngarep


PeekSeleb – Doddy Sudrajat recently reportedly close to several women. Recently, the female figure who is currently close is model Caesa Icha.

In a video, Doddy Sudrajat seems to be expecting something from Caesa Icha. What is hope like? Let’s take a peek below.

Expect to be bribed

Doddy Sudrajat showed warmth between his daughter Mayang and Caesa Icha, who he called Icha’s mother. In the video, Mayang seems to be served very well by Icha.

While eating, Icha seemed to be feeding the lady who was next to her. Doddy was just perpetuating the moment of warmth.

Sis, if the late Mama Lucy is still around, I’m sure she loves and cares for the same as Mami Lcha and her beauty is also the same as Ms. Lucy,” wrote Doddy Sudrajat in his Instagram post.

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