Masya Allah, Do you still remember Husein Alatas, the winner of the Indonesian Idol dropout? Here’s the Latest News

Jakarta – Do you still remember the figure of Husein Alatas? Yes, he is known as a singer who dropped out of the eighth season of Indonesian Idol.

Husein Alatas often appeared on television at that time. The man who has the characteristic bald head often appears in various on-air and off-air events.

However, as time goes by, his figure is rarely heard of in the Indonesian entertainment world. So how are you? Curious? Let’s take a peek at the full review.

Just Birthday


Photo : Instagram/husein_al_athas

In Intipseleb’s monitoring, Husein Alatas is rarely seen in television programs. Even so, he often uploads his activities on his personal social media.

Reporting from his Instagram account @husein_al_athas apparently, Husein Alatas just had his 34th birthday on July 5 yesterday. In the upload, he wrote down his prayers and hopes.

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