Marlo Ernesto Gets Lots of Praise After Keisya Levronka’s Viral Interview

Jakarta – The interview between Marlo Ernesto and Keisya Levronka went viral on social media after the answer given by the singer who graduated from the talent search event was deemed unethical. Marlo also received a lot of praise from netizens because of his attitude at that time.

What kind of praise was given by netizens to Marlo Ernesto? Let’s take a peek at the full article.

Bad attitude


Photo : TikTok/abel.abigail

Keisya Levronka again received blasphemy from netizens for her attitude in a video interview on a YouTube. Even fragments of Marlo and Keisya’s videos are now spread across various gossip accounts.

One of them was when Marlo discussed Spontaneous Uhuy jargon. Because at one point Marlo said the word ‘spontaneously’ and Keisya answered ‘uhuy’. Marlo also asked if Keisya knew about the event and Keisya said she did.

“Have you ever watched it?” he asked.
“Never,” Keisya replied.
“Who’s hosting the show?” asked Marlo again.

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