Make the First Hot Kiss with Alyy Khan, Kajol and Ajay Devgan Reportedly Divorced

India – Kajol is currently releasing her new drama series entitled The Trial. In the series, it turns out that he first did a hot kiss scene.

However, after that, it was reported that she divorced her husband, Ajay Devgan. Then, is it true? Take a peek in full below.

Hot Kiss

Kajol has just announced the airing date of her new drama series, The Trial. Shah Rukh Khan’s co-star comeback After a long time not appearing on the big screen.

But in the spotlight, in his latest drama series, Kajol had a hot kiss for the first time. In fact, so far he has never done intimate scenes such as kissing to have sex in bed.

He did a hot kiss with Indian actor, Alyy Khan. In the series The Trial, Alyy Khan is also the first time comeback after a long time missing.

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