Make Mleyot! Junho 2PM After Seducing SNSD’s Yoona, Doing a Kiss Scene Again


South Korea – On July 23, JTBC has released episode 12 of the drama King the Land. In this episode, King the Land also features a romance scene between Yoona and Junho’s characters.

Completely teased by Junho, here’s the latest romance scene from the drama King the Land. Want to know what it’s like? Come on, check out the details below!

The way 2PM’s Junho seduces SNSD’s Yoona

king the land
Source: JTBC

On July 23, King the Land episode 12 has aired. Goo Won (Junho) and Cheon Sa Rang (Yoona) returned to show romantic scenes. Both of them openly express their love.

In the latest episode, Cheon Sa Rang was surprised when he saw the rain suddenly falling after the get-together. Goo Won appeared in front of Cheon Sa Rang who didn’t know what to do, carrying an umbrella. Cheon Sa Rang could not hide his joy.

On the way home, Goo Won blocked the water sprayed by the car on the road, to avoid Cheon Sa Rang from getting soaked.

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