Make All Dreams Come True with MUF, Easy and Fast Installment Solutions for Young People

Jakarta – Mandiri Utama Finance or MUF has an easy and fast installment solution for young people. Make all dreams come true with MUF.

So, what are the advantages and conditions for starting credit with a low down payment, a long tenor? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

MUF Present for Young People


Photo: MUF

MUF is PT Mandiri Utama Finance as a partner in providing new and used motorcycle and car loans as well as multipurpose financing in collaboration with the Bank. It will also be easier for consumers to apply for vehicle loan financing to MUF.

For you young people who are just starting a business or earning, if your savings aren’t enough, don’t worry. There is a solution to meet your needs or fulfill your desires with Mandiri Utama Finance (MUF).

Products financed by MUF include financing for investment, working capital, multipurpose and other business activities approved by OJK.

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