Mahalini Reluctant to Discuss Marriage Plans, What’s Up?

Jakarta – The love affair between Rizky Febian and Mahalini has attracted public attention. Because both are known to have different beliefs.

However, on one occasion Mahalini seemed reluctant to discuss her wedding plans. What is the reason? Let’s take a peek together!

Discuss Marriage Plans

Rizky Febian, dear

The singer, whose full name is Ni Luh Ketut Mahalini Ayu Raharja, does not seem to want to be open about her wedding plans with Rizky Febian. He is currently still focused on pursuing his music career which is on the rise.

“Not yet (wedding plans). That’s it later. It’s like suddenly, okay,” said Mahalini in the Thamrin area, Central Jakarta.

Mahalini admitted that at this time she wanted to focus on the concert she had held at La Moda, Plaza Indonesia, last Friday July 7. So he doesn’t even want to discuss his wedding plans with Rizky Febuan.

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