Lyrics of the song Tak Lagi Lagi – Febinda Tito, which is viral on TikTok, just right for those of you who have already moved on!

PeekSeleb – The new song titled ‘Tak Lagi Lagi’ by young singer Febinda Tito is viral on social media, especially the TikTok application.

The lyric snippet’I have closed the door, in fact I no longer need time, to forget you‘ is widely used as a TikTok sound for those who have managed to move on from the past. Let’s take a look at the lyrics of the song right away!

I’ve been through it all
The feeling that once made me hurt badly
Until I’m weak

Never forget that I have
Real heart
More valuable
From him
Now I’m happy

I already closed the door
In fact, I no longer need time
To forget you
It turned out that easy

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