Lyrics of the song Let Me Go Crush feat Taeyeon SNSD, with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – Let Me Go is a song that is part of the EP with HER Crush. The song was released in 2020 which included SNSD’s Taeyeon as her duet partner.

Let Me Go is also one of the setlists for Crush’s concert tour. So, to memorize the song, check out the lyrics and translation below!

Romanization Hangul Lyrics of Song Let Me Go – Crush ft Taeyeon

Ttokgateun haru
Amu pyojeong eomneun naldeul
Jikyeoboneun geotdo beogeowo
Yeogikkajiin geot gatdago
Daeul su eop dan geol
Algo itjana neodo

Nareul mukgo inneun neoui maeum
Apeumeun neul naui moxin geol
Mogi meeo naebaenneun i maldo
Neo daesin halge

Neoreul mukgo inneun naui maeum
Swipe amuljineun anketjiman
Hamkke mandeun chueok da ijeo
Noa ijen, nal noajwo

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