Lyrics of the song Get Loose – Agnez Mo ft Ciara with Indonesian Translation

United States of America – Agnez Mo has officially released her latest single, entitled ‘Get Loose’. Special for this single, Agnez collaborated with rapper Ciara to collaborate.

Curious as to what the lyrics are? Let’s take a peek at the lyrics from Get Loose below.

Get your ass up on the floor

Hey bad bih’ I know I see you
Hot boys yeah I see you
You wanna see some hot girl shit huh
Well, here’s a little preview
Stop the record let the singer sing
I’m burning up you know I’m really on fire
Popping like the grease on lemon pepper wings
Twerking and I’m somebody daughter
Coming straight out of Jakarta
Ain’t my fault dat your baby daddy looking
He said he wanted to be my baby father

Hey DJ run it run it back, uh
That casamigo hit she don’t no how to act, huh
Asian white girl latino and black, huh
Is only one thing to do on this track, uh

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