Lyrics of the song ‘Every Second, Every Day’ which is viral on TikTok, turns out this is the meaning

PeekSeleb – The song “Every Second” is a song sung by Mina Okabe. The song, which was released on May 21, 2021, is a song from the Better Days album.

Cut of the lyrics “Every second, every day” widely used in the TikTok app. What is the true meaning and lyrics? Let’s take a peek!

Source: EnVi Media

The song “Every Second” sung by Mina Okabe has a meaning that describes a person’s feeling of worry that keeps appearing for fear of losing his happiness. The song also expresses the desire for things to remain unchanged and reflects the love that is felt every moment. Currently, many pieces of the lyrics are milling about as a TikTok sound.

Every Second Lyrics – Mina Okabe

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