Lyrics of the Kind Police Song – Slank, and Its Meanings

Jakarta – The band Slank is known as one of the legendary music groups in Indonesia. The music group was formed by Bimbim on December 26, 1983 and has survived until now.

Slank has created many works. Recently, the group consisting of Bimbim, Kaka, Abdee, Ivanka and Ridho released a new song titled ‘The Kind Police’. So what are the lyrics of the song like? Let’s take a peek!

As an Offering for the Police of the Republic of Indonesia


Photo : Twitter/slankdotcom

Slank released a song titled Kind Police as a form of offering to the Indonesian National Police. This was known to Intipseleb by uploading the Slank Twitter account.

Slank’s latest single entitled “Good-Hearted Police” which is dedicated to the Indonesian National Police in commemoration of the 77th Bhayangkara Day,” wrote the official official account on Twitter @slankdotcom quoted by Intipseleb on Monday, 17 July 2023.

The Kind-hearted Police Song was officially released on all digital platforms on July 14, 2023. Investigate, the lyrics of the song contain praise and praise for the performance of the police while serving the country.

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