Lyrics of Song Seven – Jungkook BTS feat Latto, with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – Following are the lyrics of Seven’s song by Jungkook BTS. Seven is the first digital single with Latto as his duet partner. Apart from Latto, Jungkook BTS also invited Han So Hee to be the model for the video clip.

So, what are the lyrics like? Come on, check it out in full below!

Lyrics of Song Seven – Jungkook BTS feat. Latto

HYBE Labels/YouTube

Photo : HYBE Labels/YouTube

The weight of the world on your shoulders
I kiss your waist and ease your mind
I must be favored to know yes
I take my hands and trace your lines

It’s the way that we can ride
It’s the way that we can ride
Think I met you in another life
So break me off another time

You wrap around me and you give me life
And that’s why night after night
I’ll be loving you right

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