Lyrics of Song I’m Not Boring, You’re Just Bored

Thailand – The band from Thailand, Tilly Birds will hold a concert in Jakarta on July 15, 2023. Located at Balai Sarbini Jakarta, the band consisting of Anuroth Ketlekha, Nutdanai Chuchat, and Thuwanon Tantiwattanworakul will spoil their fans in Indonesia.

One of his popular songs, entitled I’m Not Boring, You’re Just Bored, tells the story of a bored couple. What are the lyrics like? Read more below.

Lyrics of Song I’m Not Boring, You’re Just Bored – Tilly Birds

meuan ja bpai dai dee ti rao yang kui bro baeb ni
ter tam hai ruseuk dee lae ter go bok ruseuk baeb ni
dtae laew wela pan bpai kwam ruseuk rao glap suan tang
kong chan mak keun bpai dtae kong ter du noi long jon jang hai

ter bok wa chan mai dai pit arai
ter go kae ruseuk beua beua bpai eng
dtae ti ter tam hai chan kit arai
nai dton sudtai chan go kit bpai eng

ter kae ngao go ter kae ngao
ter kui gae ngao gae beua
dtae wa reuang kong rao ter go mai ao
pro ter kae beua tea

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