Lyrics of Song Heart Race – Byeol Eun from Drama Heartbeat OST


South Korea – Byeol Eun is a singer-songwriter participating as the second OST singer for the drama Heartbeat. He sang a song called Heart Race.

Heart Race is a medium-tempo ballad with lyrics that melt the drama’s storyline well and a sweet melody. In the following, PeekSeleb summarizes the lyrics of Byeol Eun’s song Heart Race from the drama Heartbeat along with an Indonesian translation.

Lyrics of Song Heart Race – Byeol Eun from OST Drama Heartbeat

eonjebuteo nae an-e
nam mollae chaj-aon neolan regards

neukkyeojin’s name
tteollim seolleneun geu
misomajeodo naleul us-eumjisge hae

halujong-il neoman saeng-gag hadabomyeon
babocheoleom niga neomu joh-eunde

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