Lyrics of Song Ending Credits – Taeyeon SNSD, with Indonesian Translation


South Korea – Ending Credits is a bonus track for Taeyeon’s album titled INVU. The song has been released in 2022 and will be performed at The ODD of Love concert.

Well, so that you know the song? Come on, check the lyrics and translation below!

Lyrics of Romanization Hangul Song Ending Credits – Taeyeon

Gin yeoun sogeseo meonghani nan
Seuchyeo jinaneun siganeul heullyeobonae
Geu nugudo eomneun i geukjang ane
Nan gyesok’s name is jaril jikyeotji
Sueopsi banbokan yeonghwa soge
Cham orae utgo tto ureosseotji
Hajiman deomdeomhan nareul boni
Ije wanjeonhi da kkeuchin geot gata

Ginagin endinge
Gaseumi jeorithae
Heurin bulbiche neol tie chueokae
Nan mideosseo uriga hamkke p
Ending credits

Ending credits
The credits
Gyeolguk neo eopsi namgyeojin nae ireum
Ending credits, ending credits
The credits
Gipeun eodum sok saegyeojin nae ireum
Ending credits

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