Lyrics Later We’ll Be Like This – Border Dusk, Viral on TikTok: ‘Wanna Have a Home for Making Love’

PeekSeleb – The song titled “Later We’ll Be Like This” which was released by Batas Dusk is currently viral on social media, especially the TikTok application.

The song, performed by an indie band from Bandar Lampung, is widely used by TikTok partners. The lyrical snippet that went viral as a TikTok sound was ‘Want to have a house for making out, you are called mother, while I am father’. Let’s take a peek at the full lyrics and their meaning! twilight official

Photo: official limit

This is a picture of us one day
After all this time we live
Have a meaningful time

Now, I have faith in one heart
Which I think is right to accompany
Now until I’m old

Want to have a house for a place to make out
You are called mother, while I am father
Exchange stories in the living room
Hanging out and cradling our baby

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