Long Unseen, This Is the Fate of Trie Utami, the AFI Jury

Jakarta – Trie Utami is no stranger to the Indonesian music scene. He is known as a country singer.

Trie Utami was one of the judges and vocal coach at the Indosiar Fantasy Academy (AFI) talent search event. Over time, his figure is rarely seen on the screen. So how are you doing? Curious? Let’s take a peek below!

Still Active Singing


Photo : Instagram/iietrieutami

Reporting from his personal Instagram account @iietrieutami, Trie Utami rarely uploads his daily life on social media. Even the last post was uploaded in 2022 ago.

Even so, in Intipseleb’s search from one of his relatives’ uploads. Trie Utami seems to be preoccupied with her activities as a singer.

Trie Utami often sings from stage to stage. Recently he appeared at a music festival titled Prambanan Jazz.

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