Loly Suspected of Heavy Viral Drunk, Gigi Hadid Arrested for Marijuana Possession

PeekSeleb – Presenting various up-to-date information from Indonesian, Western, Korean to Asian artists, especially if not IntipSeleb. On Wednesday, 19 July 2023, there were several articles that attracted more attention from readers.

Starting from the viral video that allegedly Loly was heavily drunk to Gigi Hadid who was arrested. Then, what other articles were trending on IntipSeleb on Wednesday, 19 July 2023 yesterday? Let’s explore one by one!

BREAKING: Gigi Hadid Arrested and Confesses Guilty to Marijuana Possession, Fines IDR 15 Million

Instagram / Gigihadid

Photo: Instagram / Gigihadid

United Kingdom – Shocking news came from Hollywood supermodel Gigi Hadid. Gigi was arrested and charged with possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia after she flew to the Cayman Islands from the United States last week.

However, Gigi Hadid managed to get out on bail. What’s the news like?

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