Loly Doesn’t Accept Being Scorned For Dancing With Men: This Is Too Much!

Jakarta – Nikita Mirzani’s first child, Laura Meizani Nasseru Asry or who is familiarly called Loly, recently became a topic of conversation because she was accused of being drunk so she staggered at a party. Now, he is being criticized again for dancing with a man.

Unable to accept being insulted, the 16-year-old teenager then gave a defense. Like what? Let’s take a peek at Loly’s explanation.

Loly is accused of Gegara Dance with Men

Recently, a video was circulated distributed by the Instagram fanbase account from Nikita Mirzani. The post contains a video of Loly dancing with an adult man at a party.

But apparently the video reaped blasphemy by netizens. Some accused Loly of being a naughty child and hanging out with uncles.

“This is the freedom he’s been looking for all this time, hang out with uncle uncle,” commented by a netizen.
“All the way to the UK, dear, because in Indonesia you can’t do that, right?” other netizen comments.

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