Local! Yujin IVE Selfie with Monkeys to Learn Balinese Dance


South Korea – Yujin IVE’s moment in Bali became a topic of conversation among netizens. Seen in the latest episode, Yujin is in the spotlight because he learns Balinese dance to selfies with monkeys at the Ubud Monkey Forest.

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Yujin Selfie with Monkey

The latest episode of tvN’s ‘Earth Arcade Season 2’ has aired and is being discussed. In this episode, Yujin IVE’s moment went viral among netizens when he took a photo with a monkey at the Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali.

Apart from that, Yujin’s moment with the other MCs also became a topic of conversation when learning Balinese dance. Previously too, Yujin IVE tried to eat durian which again drew the attention of fans.

Through IVE’s official Twitter account, the Kpop idol under the auspices of Starship Entertainment shared his portrait when he met durian at the supermarket.

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