Local Bollywood! Alia Bhatt Confirmed Going to YouTube Boy William


Jakarta – Alia Bhatt, one of the beautiful and talented actresses of Bollywood, is confirmed to be present in Boy William’s latest YouTube content.

This was announced by Boy William himself through his Instagram account. When can Bollywood fans witness Alia Bhatt’s excitement with Boy William? Come on, take a peek in full!

Alia Bhatt Invited to YouTube Boy William


Photo : Instagram/boywilliam17

Bollywood lovers in the country should be happy. The reason is, soon fans will be able to see how interesting the interaction between Alia Bhatt and Boy William is.

Through his personal Instagram account, Boy announced that Alia Bhatt would be present in the UNBW series presented by the BW YouTube channel.

Not alone, Ranbir Kapoor’s wife will appear with Hollywood’s top actress, Gal Gadot.

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