Live Today! Synopsis of the film Hidden Strike, the Joining of Two Action Maestros Jackie Chan and John Cena

Hong Kong – Action fans will definitely love Jackie Chan’s latest film, Hidden Strike. Not only Jackie Chan, he will also have a duet with John Cena.

Tells about two former soldiers in saving civilians, what is the story like? Take a peek at the synopsis below.


Photo: Youtube

The film Hidden Strike tells the story of two former soldiers, namely Luo Feng (Jackie Chan) and Chris Van Horne (John Cena). Both of them received a special mission, namely to escort a group of civilians working at an oil refinery in Baghdad, Iraq.

Originally, Luo Feng had orders to bring civilians into the green zone by leading 11 buses. But the incident was even more gripping because they had to pass through the famous route in Baghdad, namely the “Highway of Death”.

The 5 buses behind were taken hostage by mercenaries, one of the buses had an important person named Professor Chen. The hostage was rescued with the help of Chris Van Horne, but Chen remained in the hands of the mercenaries.

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