Live Today! Synopsis and Watch Link Anime Record of Ragnarok Season 2, Buddha Vs Zerofuku

Japan – Anime Record of Ragnarok Season 2 airs today, 12 July 2023. Continuing from the previous season, the new season will feature epic and thrilling battles.

There will be 5 episodes, the battle between the Gods and the Strongest Man starting from Buddha against Zerofuku. Like what? Let’s read more below.

Synopsis Anime Record of Ragnarok Season 2

Anime Record of Ragnarok Season 2 or its real name Shuumatsu no Walkure Season 2 is divided into two parts. The second part will air simultaneously today, July 12, 2023 to be precise.

Season 2 of this anime will have 5 episodes starting with Buddha’s fight against Zerofuku in the sixth round. Launching Sportskeeda, the latest season shows Buddha’s intention to save mankind in front of the gods.

Not only that, Bishamonten, the god of Fortune appeared with other gods behind him. Buddha’s power is also in the spotlight. Because, he seems to be using his iconic power, namely the Six Realms Staff, a weapon with various types of modes that can be used according to the user’s emotional level.

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