List of Players Hidden Strike, Comedy Movie Meets the Unusual Duo of Jackie Chan and John Cena

Hong Kong – A new action comedy film titled Hidden Strike has officially premiered in Indonesia since July 13, 2023 yesterday. This film tells the story of two former soldiers starring Jackie Chan and John Cena in rescuing civilians.

So, who are the great actors who are involved in this film? Let’s peek at the review!

1. Jackie Chan as Luo Feng

Source: Screen Rant

Veteran actor Jackie Chan will play the lead role of Luo Feng in Hidden Strike. He will play the role of one of two former soldiers who begin their quest to help a group of civilians cross Baghdad’s “Highway of Death” to the safety of the Green Zone in the midst of the Oil War between two criminal organizations.

Moreover, the actor will team up with the very popular WWE superstar and actor John Cena to accompany him on this mission. Based on the film’s premise and the chemistry between the unlikely duo, fans will be reminded of the classic comedy film Rush Hour, in which Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, the unlikeliest of the duo team up to solve a case.

2. John Cena as Chris Van Horne

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