Leony Vitria Hartanti Goes Public, Lover’s Comments on Intimate Photos Becomes the Spotlight

Jakarta – Leony Vitria Hartanti or better known as Leony Trio Kwek Kwek is a former child artist.

Rarely sharing his love life, now Leony suddenly uploads a photo with a man who is suspected of being his lover. Who do you think Leony’s lover is? Let’s take a peek at the portrait below.

Leony Goes Public with Beloved

Through his personal Instagram, Leony Vitria Hartanti uploaded a portrait of his close relationship with his lover, Charles Seaman.

In the portrait shared, Leony can be seen sharing 4 types of photos of himself and his girlfriend while in a cafe. Wearing a black top, Leony looks happy interacting with her Caucasian lover.

“Found you! @charles.ngs (heart emoji),” wrote Leony Vitria Hartanti quoted on Friday, 21 July 2023.

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