Legitimate! Rosa Meldianti Officially Married, Dewi Persik Crying Haru

Jakarta – Happy news from Dewi Perssik’s niece, Rosa Meldianti. On this day, Rosa Meldianti officially married her idol, Inggil. Rosa and Inggil’s wedding was broadcast live by Depe via his Instagram.

No longer in conflict, Dewi Perssik expressed a prayer for the marriage of Rosa Meldianti and Inggil. Come on, take a peek at the article!

Rosa Meldianti Officially Married

Today, 16 July 2023, is a happy moment for the Dewi Perssik family. Yes, Depe’s niece, Rosa Meldianti, is officially married. Rosa Meldianti married a man named Inggil.

Through Dewi Perssik’s Instagram, you can see the video of Rosa Meldianti and Inggil’s moments as husband and wife. This is because the Goyang Saw dut singer broadcast live when Rosa and Inggil were heading to their wedding ceremony.

“Sending nephews (children) mba @rosameldianti29 and mas @inggils_ towards halal.. bismillah samawa ya dear,”wrote Dewi Perssik through her Instagram, reported by IntipSeleb on Sunday, July 16, 2023.

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