Lee Ji Hyun, former Jewelry, suffered a corneal injury at the shooting location, was rushed to the hospital

South Korea – New news from Lee Ji Hyun ex Jewelry. Lee Ji Hyun is reported to have injured his cornea while filming. Currently, Lee Ji Hyun is undergoing examinations at the emergency department.

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Condition of Lee Ji Hyun ex Jewelry

lee ji hyun
Source: Instagram/Lee Ji Hyun

On July 12, Lee Ji Hyun posted a photo taken at the emergency room on her Instagram. On his personal Instagram account, Lee Ji Hyun explained that he had an eye injury.

“It doesn’t matter. We all hurt to grow up. During filming, a foreign object appeared and I felt like it was burning in my eye.” said Lee Ji Hyun on his Instagram account via Wikitree on Thursday, July 13, 2023.

“I went to the emergency room because it was hospital closing time. They said my cornea was injured. It hurts, but it will also pass.” he added.

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