Leaving a new home in Bali, Jessica Iskandar is ready to bring her family to Jakarta

Jakarta – Actress Jessica Iskandar returned to share shocking news via her personal Instagram post, where she was seen posing with her husband Vincent Verhaag.

It’s like being misfocused by the photo caption, is it true that Jedar will bring his family again to move to Jakarta? Check out the full article below.

Moved to Jakarta

Before marrying Vincent Verhaag, Jessica Iskandar or who is often called Jedar chose to live in Bali with El Barack Alexander.

After failing to marry Richard Kyle, Jedar seemed to want to forget all his memories and was willing to live in Bali. Even after marrying Vincent Verhaag, this 35-year-old woman prefers and builds her luxury dream home in Bali.

But unfortunately, Jedar’s latest post this time actually admits that he will be moving back to Jakarta and leaving the island of Bali and his dream luxury house that he has just occupied for 8 months.

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