Leaking Contents of Chats Anya Geraldine and Vino G Bastian Enjoy Discussing Palembang Mattresses, How come?

Jakarta – The public was again shocked and shocked when they saw the contents of the chat of the beautiful actress Anya Geraldine and the famous Indonesian actor Vino G. Bastian.

Through Anya’s latest upload on Instagram, she shows her quirky chat when discussing Palembang mattresses. Like what? Let’s scroll through the following article!

Fill in Chat Anya Vino

Known as one of the most romantic and successful actors to make netizens jealous because of the harmony in his household with Marsha Timothy, Vino G. Bastian actually looks strange when chatting with Anya and one other friend named Alzi.

The reason is that in the message room, Vino looks engrossed in discussing the Palembang mattress which he will show to Anya so he can know how soft it feels.

Wow are you busy or not?” asked Vino, in Anya Geraldine’s Instagram post, reported on Thursday, July 13, 2023.

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