Laugh out loud! Because of this photo, Ahmad Dhani is even mistaken for Cipung

Jakarta – Ahmad Dhani is a country musician whose name is already familiar to the public. Likewise with the youngest son of the couple Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina namely Rayyanza alias Cipung.

However, a photo uploaded by Yura Yunita actually made netizens think that Ahmad Dhani was Cipung. How could that be? Let’s take a peek at the portrait below.

One plane with Yura Yunita

Ahmad Dhani is mistaken for Rayyanza

Recently, Yura Yunita shared an Instagram Story showing him about to take a flight. Even though he admitted that he was tired from walking all the way from gate 11 to 28, Yura was happy when he met his acquaintances.

Wanting to make netizens curious, Yura also uploaded a portrait of the figure by covering part of his face. Yura deliberately left only part of his bald head.

“One plane is the same… my moodbooster! My sun, Bringer of light to me. Guess who?” wrote Yura Yunita quoted on Sunday, July 9, 2023.

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