Lady Nayoan’s smile at the first divorce trial, Rendy Kjaernett sends special greetings

Bekasi – The first divorce trial between Lady Nayoan and Rendy Kjaernett was held today at the Bekasi District Court. The first divorce trial, Lady Nayoan showed off her smile through Instagram Story.

Unlike Lady Nayoan, Rendy Kjaernett made a special remark. For who? Take a peek at the answer by scrolling on!

Lady Nayoan’s smile at the First Divorce Trial


Photo : Instagram/ladynayoan

Today is the schedule for the first divorce trial between Lady Nayoan and Rendy Kjaernett. This is a continuation of Lady’s divorce lawsuit against Rendy at the Bekasi District Court on 10 July 2023.

Lady Nayoan’s attorney, Timoty Ezra Simanjuntak, said his client was ready to face the first divorce trial. Timothy made sure that Lady was present at the trial.

“Later we will attend the trial. For the legality check of the plaintiff and the defendant. Mrs. Lady is present today to respect the trial,” said Timoty Ezra Simanjuntak when contacted by the media crew.

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