Lady Nayoan Claims to Decide to Sue for Divorce in Anger, Hoping to Get God’s Answer

Jakarta – The aftermath of the affair between Rendy Kjaernett and Syahnaz Sadiqah made Lady Nayoan decide to sue her husband for divorce. Nevertheless, Rendy also expressed his intention to correct the mistake and reconcile.

Most recently, Lady Nayoan admits that she decided to file for divorce because she was angry. Let’s take a peek until it runs out in full.

Lady Nayoan Admits to Deciding to Sue for Divorce in a State of Anger


Photo : Instagram/rendykjaernett1

Previously, Lady Nayoan had officially filed for divorce from her husband. However, Rendy Kjaernett showed his sincerity to change and was willing to remove tattoos while bleeding.

Lady Nayoan admits that this has never occurred to her, even now she admits that she made the decision to file for divorce in a state of anger.

“So those are things that you could never say before that you didn’t think that it would be like this, there would be mediation, to be honest, it was outside of my knowledge. To be honest, at that time, when I made this decision, I was in a state of anger, you know that,” said Lady Nayoan via telephone in a private TV station program on July 25, 2023.

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