Labeled Perfect, Nikita Willy Turns Out to Have Weaknesses that the Public Didn’t Expect: I Got Reprimanded


Jakarta – Nikita Willy has been one of the country’s artists who has always been labeled perfect. Even though it turns out that he has flaws that the public doesn’t expect, especially with his status as an artist.

He admits that his shortcomings have led him to be reprimanded by his own mother. What shortcomings does Nikita Willy mean?

Nikita Willy Disassembles Weaknesses Makes You Unbelievable

Nikita Willy

Nikita Willy not only has a beautiful face and abundant wealth, she also has a wealthy husband and adorable children

No wonder so many people think their life is perfect. However, it turns out that he has an unexpected flaw.

He bluntly expressed this through the Denny Sumargo podcast some time ago.

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