Kris Dayanti Takes Her Stepdaughter Abroad, Highlights Her Proximity

Jakarta – Kris Dayanti shares a portrait with her stepchildren, Dillah Daesslow and Athalia Lemos. Apparently, Raul Lemos’s wife helped send off the departure of her stepson who was studying abroad.

Kris Dayanti’s closeness to her stepchildren amazed netizens. Come on, take a peek at Kris Dayanti’s intimate portrait with her stepson!

After the Departure of His Stepson Abroad

Through his Instagram, Kris Dayanti shows off portraits of his family while traveling abroad. Not an ordinary holiday, Yuni Shara’s sister let go of her two stepchildren who are going to study abroad.

Kris Dayanti specifically mentioned the Instagram accounts of Dillah Daeslow and Athalia Lemos, who
is the son of Raul Lemos from a previous marriage with Shechah Sagran.

“Congratulations on gaining knowledge, our beloved brothers @dillahdaesslow @athalialemos,” wrote Kris Dayanti, reported by IntipSeleb from his Instagram on Sunday, July 16, 2023.

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