Kidney cysts, these are the causes, symptoms, and how to treat them

PeekSeleb Kidney cyst is a condition in which fluid-filled sacs form inside the kidney. These cysts are usually not cancerous and often cause no symptoms at first. However, if a kidney cyst develops or becomes too large, it can cause serious health problems.

In the following, IntipSeleb will explain more about kidney cysts, including their causes, possible symptoms, and available treatment options.


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Causes of Kidney Cysts Kidney cysts generally occur due to genetic disorders or hereditary factors. Most kidney cysts are single and are the result of gene mutations in kidney cells.

Other risk factors include age (kidney cysts are more common over the age of 50), a family history of kidney cysts, and polycystic kidney disease (an inherited condition in which the kidneys overgrow with cysts).

Kidney Cyst Symptoms

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