Karina aespa doesn’t want to apologize for protests by Chinese netizens, promise this

South Korea – Recently, there have been a lot of attacks coming on Karina aespa. The shocking attack is coming from Chinese netizens.

In order to ease the blasphemy in the comments column for her personal Instagram upload, Karina Aespa finally wrote a clarification. Here’s the article!

About the protests of Chinese netizens

Karina aespa

After admitting that they liked Japanese anime My Hero Academia, Chinese fans immediately urged Karina Aespa to apologize. In fact, My Hero Academia is an animated adaptation of the manga of the same name, which follows a group of young men who dream of becoming professional heroes and protecting the world with their superpowers.

However, the anime was involved in controversy in China due to the character’s real name, which uses the “villain alias” Daruma Ujiko. In the manga, the character was originally named “Maruta Shiga”, from which “Maruta” means “log”. Incidentally, this term was once used to refer to the victims of “Unit 731”.

On the other hand, “Unit 731”, based in Harbin, China, is a biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army, engaged in lethal human experimentation and the manufacture of biological weapons. At the time, the unit routinely conducted tests on inhumans internally referred to as “logs” (Maruta).

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