Kang Min Hyuk Disassembles the Scene of Taking Off His Shoes in the Celebrity Drama

South Korea – Kang Min Hyuk came into the spotlight with his acting in the drama ‘Celebrity’. He dismantled the scene of taking off his shoes which was in the spotlight of the audience.

So, what was Kang Min Hyuk’s process like in playing the figure of Jun Kyung in the drama ‘Celebrity’. What is complete information like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Kang Min Hyuk Disassembles Celebrity Scenes

Kang Min Hyuk took part in the Netflix drama ‘Celebrity’. Throughout the 12 broadcast episodes, Jun Kyung has many thrilling scenes for the audience.

But what finally went viral was the moment when the rich man’s son entered his house and a servant followed him to take off his shoes. The actor revealed the struggles he went through to shoot the scene.

The actress and I practiced how to take off our shoes while thinking about how the shoot would go. It has to be done naturally, as if it were something that happens a lot. I have to time it just right, so I try to keep the limbs in sync with the actress.” said Min Hyuk as reported on Naver on Thursday, July 6, 2023.

But the process of filming the scene was not as long as Min Hyuk had imagined. “That scene is actually understandable when you see the before and after explanations, but I think it feels good if you just watch that scene.” continued MinHyuk.

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