Judika Suddenly Says Goodbye to Instagram, Posts Disappear Makes Netizens Worry


Jakarta – The famous Indonesian singer, Judika, immediately confused and worried netizens. There were even many comments from artists who also prayed and asked questions.

Judika suddenly said thank you, which seemed like permission to say goodbye. You can see the photos are missing.

What’s wrong with Judika? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Judika Permission to Say Goodbye and Thank You

Singer Judika reaps a lot of attention. The reason is, he suddenly became a conversation on social media Instagram and Twitter by posting a thank you note.

Many are worried about the husband of Duma Riris. The reason is that the photos on his Instagram social media immediately disappeared. Looks like he only left one upload.

In the upload, Judikan seems to thank his fans. The remark was as if he was saying goodbye from Instagram.

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