Jennifer Coppen Hot Pose in the Bathtub, Cover Breasts with Hands


Jakarta – Jennifer Coppen celebrated her 22nd birthday on July 20, 2023 yesterday. In his Instagram post, he celebrates special moments with Yitta Dali Wassink.

In the photo shared via Instagram, Jennifer Coppen and Dali Wassink are enjoying a soak in a bathtub and having a romantic dinner. Let’s take a peek at what that moment was like.

Soak in the Bathtub

Instagram/ @jennifercoppenreal20

Photo : Instagram/ @jennifercoppenreal20

Jennifer Coppen reveals a happy moment during her 22nd birthday celebration. In the photo, she appears to be soaking in a bathtub with roses covering the pool.

In the photo, Jennifer, who is known to be pregnant, shows her growing belly. He also seems to cover sensitive areas of his body using his hands.

Not only that, Jennifer Coppen and Dali also seemed to be enjoying a romantic dinner. Both of them looked compact wearing white clothes.

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