Jeje Govinda’s Response After Rendy Kjaernett Admits Cheating & Syahnaz’s Face Tattoo on Back: I’m Okay

Jakarta – Rendy Kjaernett finally admitted that he had an affair with Raffi Ahmad’s sister, Syahnaz Sadiqah. He even confirmed that the tattoo on his back was Syahnaz’s face.

Even though he has confessed, Jeje Govinda still shows off his intimacy with his wife, Syahnaz. He even gave a response that made netizens excited. Like what? Scroll through the article below.

Confessing Cheating

Rendy Kjaernett

Rendy Kjaernett admitted to Denny Sumargo that he openly admitted that he had feelings for Raffi Ahmad’s youngest brother. Even the father of three children cannot deny what his wife, Lady Nayoan, has accused him of.

He also confirmed that the tattoo on his back was the face of Nagita Slavina’s sister-in-law.

Rendy admits that Syahnaz’s facial tattoo is medicine for him.

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