Jeje Govinda Forgives Syahnaz After Admitting Cheating, Ustaz Derry Sulaiman: It’s Unlawful to Smell Heaven!


Jakarta – Syahnaz Sadiqah recently clarified and admitted to having an affair with Rendy Kjaernett. However, her husband, Jeje Govinda, said that he still forgave her.

Ustaz Derry Sulaiman recently revealed facts about a husband who knows his wife is having an affair. Like what? Let’s take a peek at the explanation from the religious leader.

Jeje Govinda Still Forgive Syahnaz

YouTube/ Jeje & Pineapple Channel

Photo: YouTube/ Jeje & Pineapple Channel

In a recent statement, Jeje Govinda admitted that he still forgave Syahnaz. According to him, whatever the problem, he will still protect his wife and small family.

“I am the head of the family, as the priest for my small family, no matter what the problem, no matter what the mistake, I will always protect my wife’s good name. I will always protect Nanas, my children. Because whatever it is, Pineapple is the mother of my children,” said Jeje Govinda in his clarification, on his YouTube.

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