It was revealed that the figure who contributed Rp. 100 million to Denise Chariesta, Bobby Joseph was arrested again


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On Monday, 24 July 2023, five news stories started from the arrest of Bobby Joseph on suspicion of drugs for the second time, to the revelation of the person who contributed IDR 100 million to Denise Chariesta. Come on, see more news!

Revealed! This is the person who contributed IDR 100 million to Denise Chariesta during the open donation: I hate this person


Photo : Instagram/denisechariesta91

Denise Chariesta, who previously opened donations for childbirth costs, showed off that she received a donation of IDR 100 million. Netizens were skeptical that at that time it was Denise herself who contributed IDR 100 million.

However, now Denise Chariesta has met the person who transferred the IDR 100 million.

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