It turns out that Saipul Jamil has met Meylisa Zaara’s husband, who is suspected of being gay, netizens are shocked

Jakarta – Selebgram Meylisa Zaara recently told about her husband, RK Atok, who was suspected of being gay or who likes the same sex. It turns out that this story is also felt by the sworddut Dewi Perssik towards one of her ex-husbands.

Recently, an account showed a video of Meylisa Zaara’s husband together with Saipul Jamil which shocked netizens. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Feel the Same B

Various sources

Photos: Various sources

Celebgram from Tulungagung Meylisa Zaara shared her story about her husband who is suspected of being gay. She got domestic violence (KDRT) after she caught her husband, RK Atok exchanging intimate messages with a man.

However, this story was also felt by Dewi Perssik. The singer of the song Sweet Dreams admits that she feels the same way as Meylisa Zaara. Allegedly, Depe knew that his ex-husband was gay but tried to accept it.

“I know that (aimed at her ex-husband), but I still accept it first,” said Dewi Perssik, quoted from Instagram @viral_seleb, July 20, 2023.

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