Irma Purba Affirms that she is True to Divorce from Boris Bokir: We Are Legally Separated!

Jakarta – Previously, the public was shocked by a video cut by Boris Bokir who called Irma Purba his ex-wife on his YouTube podcast.

There was a lot of talk about the title of ex-wife, Irma Purba finally clarified and confirmed that she had indeed been divorced from Boris Bokir. Take a peek at Irma Purba’s clarification below!

Confirm Already Divorced

Ancient Irma

The household of Boris Bokir and Irma Purba has long been suspected of being broken. Their domestic situation was increasingly in the spotlight after Boris was caught referring to Irma as his ex-wife in an episode of his YouTube podcast.

Responding to the excitement about the title of his ex-wife, Irma Purba finally opened his voice and confirmed the news of his divorce.

Good morning, because there are many Papa Shalom podcast videos that call me ‘EX’, and answer all questions about my current relationship with Papa Shalom,” wrote Irma Purba on her Instagram story @irmapurbas, uploaded on Friday, 7 July 2023.

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