Irfan Hakim Shocked to Hear the News of the Dead Tiger Alshad Ahmad


PeekSeleb – Shocking news came from Alshad Ahmad, one of his tigers who was just born a few months ago was reported to have died. Alshad conveyed the news through his personal Instagram post.

In that post, several artist colleagues gave their comments on Instagram. One of them, Irfan Hakim, who is also known as an artist who has many pets. What are the comments from Irfan Hakim? Here’s the article.

Dead Tiger Cub

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Alshad Ahmad has just delivered sad news regarding the loss of one of his pets named Cenora. It is known that Alshad’s pet was sick and had to receive treatment for unknown reasons.

Dear Cenora.. The tiger cub is beautiful, kind, calm, calm, always able to accompany and take care of his sister, always spoiled and really loves his father,” Alshad wrote in an Instagram post.

Didn’t expect Cenora to leave so soon, we all grieve deeply. Even though yesterday I had fun because I tried delicious meat, I just learned how to jump, it was only yesterday that Papa asked me to go to the villa so I can run around happily in a big yard.,” he continued.

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