Interaction Song Lyrics – Tulus, Just Released Directly Trending YouTube

Jakarta – Musician, Muhammad Tulus released the Interaction music video on social media YouTube. Less than a day after it was uploaded, the video was immediately perched on trending YouTube.

Below are the lyrics of the song Interaction – Tulus. Read more.

Interaction Song Lyrics – Sincere

Intipseleb/Tiya Sukmawati

Photo: Intipseleb/Tiya Sukmawati

Where did I know it came today
The day I saw him
What I didn’t aim at, what I didn’t seek
Guess the seeds of another broken heart, you know this

That’s what I chose
(If I can avoid interaction lines)
That’s what I chose

Want to take it to beautiful places
Typical curious cliche he thought
Whether this is wanted, whether this is dear
The fragile heart challenges the rides, oh, again

sad oasis
That’s what I chose
(I can not control the heart) know the heart
Not all I choose

Nature and all its energies
Is there a me in his creation?
If not for me
Save me from that broken heart

If he really can for me
Here, near and near
And if he’s not for me
Please, calm down and calm down

Or come closer, ah

Interaction Music Video Problem


Photo : St

Tulus is back to present a music video for his newest work after completing the series through the release of an album with millions of achievements, a tour of 11 cities through Tulus Human Tour, to several music videos on the Human album. The song entitled Interaction was chosen to be the music video released by Tulus this time.

The production process for this music video also involved Claudia Dian, Nasrul Akbar and Dere as the Creative Team, Davi Linggar as Director, Camera Director as well as Coloring, as well as Reuben Tourino as Image Editor.

“In the journey of life, humans have the ability and power to be able to choose. However, there are also so many things beyond our control. The Interaction music video is one small snapshot of billions of others in the world. A picture of when humans cannot always choose to meet, exchange feelings, bond, separate from what and who, said the Tulus Management team.

This Interaction music video is the newest part of the Human album. The video itself can be enjoyed by the Tulus YouTube account.

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